The Licensee agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Clips & Footage licences the footage to the licensee on a non-exclusive basis for use only in the production named in this agreement.  It may not be re-licensed nor re-used without the written permission of Clips & Footage.

Footage is supplied on a per second basis with a minimum charge depending on the type of production and rights required.

All invoices for licence fees and costs shall be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.  If so required, the Licensee shall pay all licence fees and associated costs in advance.

The Licensee is responsible for obtaining all necessary clearances and permissions that may be required in connection with the use of the footage (i.e. talent, music and commentary licences.

The Licensee undertakes not to edit the material in any way likely to impair its quality and not to use or permit use in any manner which is likely to bring the Licensor/or the supplier in disrepute or which is defamatory to any person.

The Licensee or its agents are responsible for reasonable courier, messenger, handling and transfer charges incurred.

The Licensee agrees to credit the source of the footage where credits are given in a production.

Please use 'Clips & Footage' (subject to broadcaster's approval)

Any master material supplied by Clips and Footage remain their sole property and MUST be returned upon completion of the production.

All clips taken from theatrical trailers must be clearly distinguishable from feature film clips by use of original trailer graphics and/or the original trailer commentary.  In addition, the producer is entirely responsible for the way in which the material is incorporated into the production.

This licence is only valid upon receipt of all outstanding payments due to the licensor.

The Laws of England shall govern this agreement.