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How to use this site

Why register on the website?

You need to register on the Clips & Footage website to access low res downloads. Your account can then be used as a personalised space where you can download clips and make clip bins for different projects. It also enables you to save searches in the Advanced Search function.


How does my account work?

Once you have registered on the Clips & Footage website and logged in you are ready to start downloading clips, saving searches and making clip bins. You can view your account at any time by clicking on the Your Account button at the top right of the website page. Your Account is where clips you have edited appear ready to download as well as clip bins where you have saved anything that has interested you while you were logged in. If you are browsing and want to add any clips to a clip bin, just click on the menu link on the left hand side of the video with the plus sign that says 'Add to Clip Bin'.


How do I search for clips?

The search engine on the Clips & Footage website is a hierarchical text search that tries to bring you the most relevant matches first. Enter one or more word related to your search and the best match will appear first. Sometimes with large text strings, such as movie or song titles, it is useful to put the phrase in quotation marks to find the best match. You can also use the 'NOT' search operator to cut out certain words if you are finding you are searching a subject that is bringing up a lot of irrevelant material to your particular search.

Once you have searched using a word or two you can refine the searches with the options provided on left hand side of the search results. This means that you can focus your search more without having use a lot of search terms. You can currently refine your searches by Digitised, Not Yet Digitised, Date and Colour.


When do I use the advanced search option?

This search option link can be found on the left hand side of the screen above the video/description field. It enables you to search on a specific tape number and to search under keywords for concepts and genres which may not appear in the description field. Concepts such as success, consumerism, family life and horror. Genres such as feature film trailer, newsreel and Hollywood.


Can I download low res clips from the website?

There are two ways to download the low-res version of our footage straight to your computer, the second option allows you to edit the clips so you only have what you want.

  1. If you would like to download the entire video simply click the 'Download' button to the right of the player which will start it straight away, or save the video for later by clicking 'Add to Clip Bin' just above it and access it at a later date in 'Your Account'.
  2. Alternatively, you have the option of creating smaller clips to download or save to a clip bin. You can make these by using the integrated editing software on the video player. Click on the 'Create Clip' button at the bottom left of the player. Drag the arrows to set your in and out points. When you are happy with the duration of your clip, click on the three vertical dots to the right of the clips to rename and order a download. Click on 'Order Download' then 'Place Order' to confirm. You can click on either 'Vew Progress' or 'Your Account' to see all files 'Ready to Download' and start the download from there. Alternatively, after point 2, you can click 'Add Clip to Clip Bin' from beneath the dialogue box and save it for later.


How do I order high res master material to use in my edit? 

Simply send an email or call us with the tape number, timecode and description of the clip(s) that you require. If you don't already have a quote for the licencing fee we can give you that as well if you let us know the duration of the license, the territories and what media you are clearing for. 




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